Thrill Me Records, Dead Heavens…

If you’ve been sniffing around our camp long enough, then you know about the other label we are a part of in addition to our beloved Swami Records. Thrill Me Records is about to drop a new 7″ by Walter Schreiffel’s (Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools, Quicksand) new band Dead Heavens. It will be their second 7″ release for Thrill Me, and Mrs Magician will be playing a few West Coast dates with them. We couldn’t be more excited to start the new year off playing shows with a band of musicians we truly look up to. Listen to their new single off Brooklyn Vegan.

You can support us (Thrill Me Records), by picking up this record and other rad releases from Mrs Magician, Guards, Jacob Turnbloom, Hideout & The Gloomies.

Mrs Magician Dead Heavens Dates

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Hey Guys

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-Beach Goth Fest was fun! I even got to sneak into Parliament Funkadelic’s shitter & take care of some business.

We will be doing the SXSW shenanigans next year, and we will have lots of shows coinciding with the release, So for those of you patiently awaiting our return to your fine city we thank you. We have a lot of fun surprises planned for the new record that we can’t wait to share with you.

Two new shows booked in the Tour Dates Section.

Our next Blog Post will be the Album Release Date / Tour Dates. xo

Beach Goth Fest 4

2 new shows coming up. August in Arizona with our Canadian homies METZ who just released a fucking brutal 2nd LP record on Sub Pop. Then in October we play Beach Goth Fest with The Growlers, Grimes, and like 2 million other bands, oh and ??? Demarco. xoxo


New Album, New Projects, Lots of News!

Dearest Buddies,

Since we got back into the New York Groove, we’ve been fortunate enough to play some pretty bangin’ shows with great acts like The Zombies, The Sonics, Drive Like Jehu, Alkaline Trio, etc., & it’s been so cool meeting all the Swami, Mrs Magician, & Thrill Me fans that have been coming out to our shows. It’s been encouraging having so many people contact us about shows in town, shows all over the world, records, horror films, videos, asking us to play your proms. Even though we take our sweet ass time with everything, you guys are some patient and supportive people, & we very much appreciate it. We have one upcoming show on the books right now that we’re excited about, check the Tour Dates section.

So, first and foremost we’re excited to say that we’ve recorded our second LP for Swami Records entitled Bermuda, a follow up to our 2012 Strange Heaven record. I’m very excited about this new album and how hard the band has worked on it, as well as our Producer/Head Cheeze/Compadre Swami John Reis. Here is a short funny video of us Slanging it out in the studio, for those of you who have already watched and e-mailed us, we did for one second entertain the thought of naming the record “Burrito Fuckers”. :)

So, I’m not one for plugging businesses, because it feels so grotesque unless it’s for people you genuinely believe in and trust. But we’ve been using Satellite Amplifiers for years, we used them on our first record, and we used them on our upcoming album, so there is no shame in my game. Our very own Guitarist Thomas C. Garcia makes these amplifiers with a talented group of Tone Gurus, other bands that use Satellite are, Pearl Jam, X, Tom Petty, Social Distortion, just to name a few. Please support these guys, hard working San Diego Rock & Rollers.

In addition to making music, I’ve been creating video’s for bands including Spirit Club (Wavves/ Jeans Wilder), which premiered on Pitchfork, Stereogum, & MTVNews. Check out my other music videos for GrieverBuddy Banter, and My very own music video for my new solo 7″ Single out on Thrill Me Records. Purchase the Vinyl here, watch the video here.

Lastly, If you wanna Check out all of our other projects & limited vinyl/tape releases please help yourself.

Jordan Clark – Bassist  The Soaks Cassette Full Length (Riothouse Records)

Thomas Garcia – Guitarist Lowlands 7″ (Thrill Me Records)

Cory Stier – Drums Hideout (Thrill Me Records) Cults (Columbia Records)

Jacob Turnbloom – Vocals/Guitar The Grave Walks w/ Dan Sartain (Windian Records)               J.T. Solo 7″ (Thrill Me Records) J.T. Solo Cassette Tape (Grizzly Records)

News Update

We will be releasing a new jam for the upcoming Swami Records Compilation LP along with some ripping bands, We’re currently in the studio cranking out tunes & will lay down our New Album to tape with Señor Speedo Reis in December for Swami Records.  It’s gonna make Strange Heaven look like a thimble of pee pee crust.

As you know we run our own Label as well as being a part of the Swami Family, Thrill Me Records! aside from releasing the There Is No God 7″, & B-Sides LP has now officially released its third record, the  Hideout LP.  Side project of our drummer Cory Stier & Gabriel Rodriguez of CULTS, This record is an atmospheric pop jammer, Read about that record via Stereogum & order the Vinyl at Thrill Me Records.